Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Apology Will Suffice for the Islamist World

We all know by now that Pope Benedict XVI made a series of remarks, quoting a text from the Middle Ages which was critical of Islamo-Jihadism.

We also know that many Muslims took offense to those remarks. This BBC link has a series of the kind of responses that the Islamist world felt were appropriate. Protests are fine--responses in kind in a battle of ideas. But the church burnings and the threats to Christians, including the murder of a nun as retaliation are likely not what the "Religion of Peace" needs right now if it is to improve its image.

And after the Pope apologized for whatever misunderstanding his remarks may have created, the Middle Eastern Islamist population was not satisfied. They are demanding even more apology. Which is interesting given the fact that the Prime Minister of Malaysia, which chairs the Organization of the Islamic Conference found the apology from benedict acceptable. Notwithstanding that, the Prime Minister's acceptance of the apology was less than comforting. In part, he stated,
I think we can accept it and we hope there are no more statements that can anger
the Muslims
In other words, the problem is getting these people upset by disagreeing with them publicly. And while this is technically an acceptance of the Pope's apology (which in truth was an apology for their overreaction and inability to behave in a civilized manner, not for his choice of words), the Pope need not waste further effort apologizing to a people who have no intention of accepting anything short of a capituation and surrender. And to a significant degree, the Islamist reaction to the Pope's remarks more or less proved the point of the words he chose.

They responded to what they interpreted as an accusation of barbarism with...well, barbarism. And their demand for apology after apology indicates that Islamism is possessed of a peculiar arrogance. If you disagree with them, you will feel their wrath. You cannot offend even their least sensibility for fear of becoming their next target.

So what good will further apology do? It will simply reward the medievalist behavior and show that the West can indeed be intimidated by their anti-civilization agenda. And it's yet another example of the stakes in the global terror war.

Because Kristallnacht is happening all over again. And the signs don't just read "Juden" anymore. We ignore the implications and attempt to appease this enemy at our own peril.


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