Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some Perspective on Qana

A Primer on Quana- Its a village on the Israeli-Lebanon border, on the Lebanon side. Israel believed that it was a Hezbollah stronghold, and so appropriately targeted it. The Israelis warned civilians to get out, because the place was going to be targeted. They didn't leave, and they died in the attack that followed. But rather than the story being that these people for some reason wanted to be foolish human shields, and willingly risked their children and themselves for terrorists, the story became the many that Israel had killed. And the death toll rose. 54. 63. Women, children, etc. Murdered by Israel. And then there were calls fromt he Arab world for an immediate cease-fire.

But here's the truth.

Only 28 people died. And while that's not great no matter how big the number, the point is that the numbers were inflated.

And the numbers were also not that different from a garden-variety suicide bombing targeting commuters or women and children in the markets in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

And after those suicide bombings, whose targets were intended to be women and children, never did one single Arab country call for any peace process to begin. Never was Hamas or Fatah or Hezbollah called to stand down. After Israeli children were killed in Katuysha rocket strikes in this present conflict, not a peep was heard from a single Islamo-Arab capital. But when a few people die, despite the fact that Israel had the courtesy to endanger its own forces to warn an essentially enemy civilian population to leave because an attack was imminent, smacks of a particularly filthy hypocrisy, and lays transparent the fact that the Islamo-Arab nations of the world have no respect for the lives of peaceful people, but only armed brigands and those who support them.

Qana is a non-issue and is not even close to a basis for a cease-fire. If it were, the Arab world would have forced peace after the first weeks of the initial Intifada started by the Palestinians years ago. If anything, Qana is the window through which we can see the transparent evil of the medieval Islamofacism that grips the Arab world.


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