Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogging Paradigm Shift

Anyone who visits this blog more than once in a blue moon will note that my blogging frequency has dropped off in the past month. There are reasons for that that are personal to me, including a very busy month or two with work, family obligations--first things first, of course--but also what I would describe simply as a complete disconnect between what I was doing and what I had been wanting to do with the Blog.

I began this blog with a very serious mission: I wanted to call out leftism in America, because I believed then, and believe even more so now that it infringed upon the liberties of the free world in general and upon Americans in particular, while conferring no benefits of any kind on the people upon whom such policies are inflicted. Just ask anyone who lived in the Soviet Union. I also wanted to advance the conservative movement, as I believe that it is the key to personal prosperity and individual freedom.

I also believe in originality, and became very concerned that the blog was, in order to lend the appearance of activity, merely parrotting what was already floating around. There's nothing worse than not having the time to hew out original thoughts about the problems facing the world, and in that regard, I have begun to feel like today's Democrat leaders, but that is beside the point, of course!

But beyond anything else, I have dealt with a major dissatisfaction with the Israel/terror question, and I am most concerned that the good guys in this most important battle have been dealt significant setbacks in the past month, to the point that if I were a jihadist, I'd be quite jubilant. Nothing sets one back like a significant disappointment, and perhaps even a feeling of betrayal. In short, I have been quite depressed to the point of wanting to give up, for fear that nobody was listening, that the good fight that we are fighting is being set aside in favor of easy answers and momentary comfort, and that there was nothing to be done about it.

But giving up isn't really in my blood.

I'm a fighter. And to that end, I am proposing to deliver a better product to my readers. Posts will be less frequent, and fewer per week, but I hope to put up posts that are significantly more insightful and cutting. And I hope that you all continue to read.

Thanks for your patience with me, and your support is always.


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