Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bad News for Congress, but Does it Mean Anything?

Ryan Sager at RealClearPolitics offers this rather ominous post, citing to WaPo poll that indicates that people's favorable feelings toward their own Member of Congress has fallen seven percentage points in three months to 55%--a significant drop.

And while Sager notes that that number doesn't translate into anything significant for the Democrats either, the biggest issue to me is whether it translates into getting people to the polls.

In 1994, Americans responded very favorably to the Contract With America. It was a positive offering to the nothing that the Democrats in power were offering, and it was a smashing success. Republicans were swept into office by voters who had the hope of specific things better. People had a reson to get excited. But general ennui and disregard does not necessarily translate into a vote for some other guy. More often than not, it translates into someone who chooses not to vote. Major things move people to vote, not what seems to be an alternativeless contest in the eyes of many voters.

Is less satisfaction enough to shift control of Congress? If you're a Democrat, it had better be.


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