Monday, June 19, 2006

Murtha Embarrasses Himself On "Meet The Press"

Ann Althouse has a marvelous digest of Jack Murtha's completely disasterous performance on Meet the Press on Sunday.

The problem she identifies is Murtha's inability to communicate why he believes what he does about the Iraq War. And his unbelievably inconsistent comments. For example, in one breath he claims that as a result of our efforts in Iraq, there are now 15,00 insurgents there, but he opines just a moment later that he believes that there are but 1,000 insurgents and that if we pull out, the Iraqis will rid their nation of them. He also noted that defending American interests creats enemies. Does he suggest that we not do it in that case? Of course, the suggestion that we redeploy from Iraq to Okinawa, Japan and that our aircraft can still reach Iraq from there was quite rich, and apparently Tim Russert thought so too, based on his comments.

The problem is that the Dems have no suggestions on the Iraq War. And based upon the really embarrassing performance of Murtha, it seems they have no facts either. It's really just a series of mantras, based on 1960s anti-American slogans that this group of aging and clueless baby boomers never got out of their heads and never discovered to be the failures that history proved them to be.

And I'm glad that a guy with so little intellectual heft as Murtha was able to show the emptiness of the Dems' non-position to the nation.


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