Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iraq Death Toll and the Popping of Media Champagne Corks

I can now report that the 2,500th U.S. soldier has died in the Iraq War. And I can also report that 2499th American soldier died immediately before him. Both terrible losses, both of equal significance to their families and their nation, both people who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the protection of American interests, the protection of freedom for the people of Iraq and the enhancement of global stability. We should offer prayers for their souls, we should offer prayers for the comfort of their families and we should pray that the Iraqi military is soon able to defend the nation and prevent terrorist takeover in our absence, and eventually squash the filthy remnants of al Qaida Wahabism from Iraq. And we should not recognize one over another simply because of the order of their deaths.

But most unfortunately, this soldier's blood and name will be yet another excuse for the media to once again wonder aloud whether reaching this round figure means that we need to reevaluate our commitment in Iraq. And so in an effort to inaugurate the next Cindy Sheehan, the media will run to the door of that soldier's family, praying that they will blame their son's death on George W. Bush, denounce the war, the awful Bush Administration, and blame him for all that is wrong in Iraq. Because the media and the Democratic leaders very badly want what we are doing in Iraq to fail.

It's quite simple, really. They never got over Vietnam. It was a war we were winning. But because the media reported nothing but the blood, deaths, costs, pain, hardship and destruction our soldiers faced, and the suffering of the Vietnamese at the hands of our soldiers (thanks to the efforts of folks like John Kerry), the work to prevent a communist takeover was in vain. But the media didn't think that Sino-Russian Communism was that bad a thing--they believed that we were. And so the media and the Communists got what they wanted. And their baby-boomer successors have retained their loathing of the United States Armed Forces and their work, content to let anti-Americanism reign as their philosophy of choice.

They seem to harbor this belief, which they will not openly voice, that 9/11 took place in response to something awful that the United States did. But the problem that terrorists have with us is not our military, not our foreign policy, not our prosperity and not our culture, while all of those make fine excuses. Their real objection is to our existence--just like with Israel.

But the media and their brethren on the Democrat far left are still so hopelessly trapped in 1960s and 1970s politics--35-40 years later--and still hepped up on the vitriolic hatred and viciousness of their now discredited cause that they miss the threat that our enemies pose and the motivation for their opposition to us.

And so they will use what ought to be an un-numbered, solemn, and private occasion for one family and attempt to run it up their own shameless flagpole for their own political purposes.

And I find it remarkably ironic that these leftists, who detest those who voluntarily fight and die to preserve their right to be the wingnut fools they are, value our soldiers only after their deaths, when they become a number of some political utility.


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