Thursday, June 15, 2006

"The Gloomy Present Situation"

Much to the disappointment to the left, that was al Qaida in Iraq's assessment of their status immediately prior to the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the 452 raids conducted since his death based upon information that Zarqawi had with him when he was killed.

The documents detail a situation where the insurgents were dealing with increasingly limited options due to problems with arrests of key personnel, discovery of weapons caches, internal divisions and restricted access to hard currency, among other things, as a result of coalition efforts.

The documents also revealed plans to set the Shiites against the Americans and to spark a shooting war between Iran and the U.S. in order to shift the focus off of the al Qaida operations.

The bottom line is that they detailed an organization that was becoming increasingly desperate in the face of U.S., British and Iraqi pressure. And while this doesn't end our business of cleanign up the security situation in Iraq, it marks what is likely a fatal blow to the coordinated terrorist effort. Cells will begin to act independently, and without the external support they need, they will begin making stupid mistakes. They'll be caught, killed, and they will lead us to more of their warrens.

And so with almost 1,000 insurgents captured or killed in the past seven days, along with the capture of all of the weapons, money and information that they carried with them, I can only imagine that week brought few improvements for the terrorists.

And just to make clear to friends on the left: the enemy thought we were winning when you didn't. So now that we're winning, do you want to bail?


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