Monday, June 19, 2006

"Abu Musab, Say It Ain't So!"

I caught something remarkable at the end of last week. Democrats began some murmurings that the documents collected by coalition forces in Iraq as they were pursuing Zarqawi to his death, you know, the ones where the enemy in Iraq evaluated their own condition as "gloomy" and where they were devising other plans to spark other conflicts to distract coalition forces from rooting out al Qaida in Iraq, were fakes created by the U.S. I didn't find it remarkable that they did it, of course, just that they did it publicly. And given that Bob Beckel, one of the Democrats' most talented and reasonable defenders had to come out on Friday on John Gibson's show on Fox to defend his party, and was only able to do so on a halfhearted basis (a credit to his intellectual honesty), it shows that the Dem's anti-American antics are starting to turn against them in an election year when they can't afford any setbacks.

I understand a little bit skepticism, and such is a healthy thing. But the Democrats have no basis to believe that the documents are fake. The only thing upon which they can base such an assertion is their own politics: their vociferous opposition to this war and their determination that the War can only exist as a stick to be used against George W. Bush and the Republicans, and a desire to trash anything, no matter how accurate which may harm their ability to use the it against the President. So what that leaves us with is a series of very uncomfortable conclusions about what the Democrats' goals for and views of the Iraq War are.

Nobody likes to lose a critical issue upon which they can campaign, but to express irritation and disappointment when the enemy--a terrorist group that kills our soldiers and beheads defenseless people, and generally engages in acts of brigandage across Iraq--reveals an attitude towards one's own military and nation that needs to be explored and exposed.

If defeat for the enemy means the same thing for the Democrats (and likewise for victory), the viability of Democrats as a political party need to be very seriously reevaluated. Because a thing of this kind goes way beyond raising questions about one's patriotism, which can fairly be presumed to be dead. This borders on treason, because there is no other motivation for disputing the veracity of these documents other than some Democrats wanting to see their own soldiers and country fail so that Democrats can be advanced in their quest for power.

So as I said, I'm not surprised that some noisy Democrats want to disbelieve that al Qaida in Iraq is collapsing under the weight of our military's efforts to isolate and destroy them, just surprised that a party so power-hungry and absent any morality would be so obtuse as to let their disappointment in the failure of a terrorist organization to be publicly known when airing their anti-American attitudes can cost them dearly in an election year where they had hoped to make gains.


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