Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Verdict in on Moussaoui

We now get to find out if the Zacharias Moussaoui jury decided to let him meet the fate his victims faced or bought into the defense's silly reverse psychology that putting him to death gives him what he wants in the form of martyrdom.

Whether he wants it or not, a crime which kills over 3,000 Americans which could have been prevented.

And I don't buy the whole martyr thing anymore than I have for the likes of Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh died with few tears being shed, and of course, his zealot buddies would use him as a martyr whether he was put to death or not. And that should not be a concern of ours--fear of punishing crime. Rather, it should be a solemn duty that makes no distinction between the perceived political influence or lack thereof of any criminal.

Let's pray the jury made a decent call. Give Moussaoui what he says he wants. I don't want to pay for him to watch Jerry Springer on cable for the rest of his life.


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