Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ACLU Favors Political Censorship

One of the few things that has never ceased to amaze me is the unforgiving orthodoxy of the American left. They claim to be tolerant, but only of their lassiez-faire moral philosophies. They claim to support Americans, but not their right to be protected from terrorists. They support people's right to practice religion, but only in the confines of their own homes. And they support free speech, especially belligerent Anti-American speech--because those ideals square with their own. In no uncertain terms, they are the law firm of the American far left.

But the notion of free speech is not something that they are willing to afford their board members. According to a series of proposed standards for their directors, if a director disagrees with the majority of the board, he needs to keep his disagreement to himself. Per the guideline:

"Where an individual director disagrees with a board position on matters of civil liberties policy, the director should refrain from publicly highlighting the fact of such disagreement," the committee that compiled the standards wrote in its proposals.

"Directors should remember that there is always a material prospect that public airing of the disagreement will affect the A.C.L.U. adversely in terms of public support and fund-raising"
So if political disagreement arises, keep it to yourself because it might make us look more stupid and backward than we already are and may choke off cash flow.

Now, I'll grant the ACLU the fact that it is a private organization with stated objectives and goals, and that they have a right to set internal policy in order to maximize their progress towards them. But it strikes me as just a little odd that an organization which claims to be the defender of America's free speech rights would want to stifle public expression of political opinions.

But the other side of that observation is the nature of the opinions being censored. If anyone believes that the ACLU board would ever adopt any policy which meets the ideals of main street America, namely such quaint social conventions as permitting public expressions of faith, allowing parents to make decisions about their children's education over teachers, allowing terrorists to be treated as illegal combatants rather than pickpockets, or supporting our nation's right to defend itself from terrorists who want to destroy it, they are nuts. The policies about which no dissent can be had are the leftist ones that the Board will surely adopt.

Because behind all of the silly rhetoric about supporting all Americans' civil liberties, they are really only about expanding the ideals of the far left to the exclusion of the rights of the rest of us. And just so you don't miss it, their claim that orthodoxy of message equates to a continuing cash stream should be a clue to anyone that the ACLU is above all a political organization which receives its donations from the individuals whose political causes it advances. And if those folks on the left see anything but strict ideological compliance, the ACLU fears that checkbooks will begin to close.

So take this as a lesson: the ACLU is certainly about the protection of civil liberties. Just not yours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Greg said...

Very well said! I have always viewed the ACLU as more of an enemy to free speech and personal freedoms.

Their ability to exist over these many years purporting to fight for justice in spite of their obvious censorship of its own members is a testament to how hypocritical those very same open checkbooks have become to a free America.

Their agenda is for their own existence.

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