Tuesday, April 25, 2006

McKinney's McGoof

Cynthia McKinney remains a fool.

In an interview with a local TV station, Congresswoman McKinney was asked a number of questions about her run-in with the Capitol Hill Police officer whom she is alleged to have struck, among other issues surrounding that incident. But then McKinney got nasty in an off camera, but apparently on-record moment claiming that the reporter broke a deal not to broach that topic, and calling her staffer who set up the interview "a fool". It's good to know that the Congresswoman hires like-minded people. Then, of course, she demanded that anything she said off-camera was "off the record", which is like saying that she wanted to un-ring a bell. If you say it prior to an agreement, it's off-record. Anything else is free for the pickings.

First, this episode is just another in a pattern which shows remarkably intemperate behavior on the part of a Member of Congress. It also shows what a poor leader she is to criticize a staffer in public.

Second, it shows that the Congresswoman is remarkably arrogant, abysmally stupid, or more likely some tragically synergistic combination of the two. To illustrate what I mean, let's consider what any reporter might want to discuss with Cynthia McKinney at this point in time. Certainly it is not serious news that she qualified to be placed on the Democratic Primary ballot. 435 other candidates did the same in their districts, and I could do the same in mine of I wanted to. So could you. It would only be news if she didn't. It was not a cooking segment where the Congresswoman was going to share her Georgia peach cobbler or vidalia onion soup recipes. The only news relevance this person has ever had in Congress is her value as a figure of public curiosity. Between her issuing of bombastic and conspiracy-centered comments, and now an alleged act of violence against a police officer, McKinney has only been newsworthy as a result of outrageous and obnoxious behavior. So for her to presume that the interview was about anything other than the embarrassing and potentially criminal controversy in which she now finds herself, shows a remarkable lack of introspection and understanding of just how unimportant she is on a substantive level.

Lastly, it shows a lack of political sophistication. For McKinney to go back on the record and demand that her statements not be used because she was too obtuse to remove her microphone, besides being futile, shows that she has no idea how real life works. Candid comments are reported comments, absent prior agreements, and to presume that she could dictate terms when she had absolutely no cards to play is to reveal one's naivete.

Her record is one of juvenility and vulgarity. That's why she makes the news and that's why she may ultimately pay a significant legal price. She is just too arrogant and simple to see it.


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