Saturday, April 01, 2006

McKinney - A True April Fool

I am delighted to be writing this post on April Fool's Day about Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), a complete and utter fool.

To put it simply, McKinney is an unintellectual leftist nut. She is known for little more than making various hysterical anti-American comments such as this and this, which suggest in true Michael Moore form that 9/11 was a conspiracy to bring direct profit to President Bush and his family, and this little jewel, where she suggested that there was a government conspiracy to assassinate black leaders.

And it turns out that she is a physically belligerent nut as well. This week, the Congresswoman struck a Capitol Hill Police officer for doing his duty. McKinney, in her arrogance strolled into the House Office Building, expecting to be recognized. But with 435 Members of Congress, sometimes everyone is not recognized. McKinney entered without her House Member lapel pin that usually identifies Members of Congress to security, and refused to respond to three calls that she stop and be identified. Her response? She punched the officer in the chest. And now she is facing charges for it.

The funny thing about this is the arrogance which reeks out of the Congresswoman and others of her ilk. She spent the past day or so at scripted press conferences enlisting the help of the likes of Harry Belafonte who likes America's enemies, and Danny Glover who is not much different. Ignoring what the company she keeps may say about her, McKinney's grandstanding and demagoguery, which is all she really seems able to do, misses the point of this incident.

The crux of her carping, is that the officer's stopping of her was a racist act, and that he should have recognized her, despite the fact that she recently changed her appearance. He didn't know who she was. But she knew who he was when she committed a criminal act by hitting him.

I don't know where to start deconstructing this event and McKinney's behavior, but let's try this: former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK) who is black, refused to join the Congressional Black Caucus, which is comprised of many folks with the same attitudes as McKinney. He called them a bunch of "race-baiting poverty pimps", which adequately describes this thoughtless band who abandon discussion and debate and have resigned themselves to making every issue a race issue. I hate being stopped at airports and being searched. It is completely irritating. But I do it because there is nothing that makes me more or less important than the person in front of or behind me who didn't get searched. But for one to claim that she is above the law and security procedures because her skin is of a different tint is disgraceful. Similarly, for this congresswoman to claim that a greater amount of melanin in her skin justifies her abandonment the simplest fetters of socially mandated self-control, permitting her to use physical violence against a law enforcement officer because she is frustrated with the fact that she must comply with security procedure is intolerable.

And whatever comments I have made of Ms. McKinney's colleagues in the House and Senate Democratic leadership, those individuals who express equally hysterical ideas do not resort to physical violence to express disagreement.

The Congress should not fear this woman's hysteria. She should be charged and treated just as James Traficant (D-OH) was treated. She needs to be expelled from Congress.

Her district deserves and certainly can pick better people to represent them in Congress. And this will hopefully begin to correct the unfortunate but similarly divisive and evil messages that self-appointed "black leaders" and their white racist counterparts have been peddling for years: that skin color justifies different standards of behavior, and that it should divide us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After electing the most ignorant president on the planet, you Republicans have the nerve to criticize ANYone? lol :)

FUCK you and all your terrified Republican-cunt friends.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Lawjedi said...

ANON doesn't have the guts to let himself/herself be known, but feels free to spray-paint curses across the blog, offering no comment of any real substance other than dropping the F-bomb.

I make it a practice of engaging oppositional but reasonable commenters, given that this is a place for discussion. But this exrement has no place in civil discourse.

It is also my practice to delete comments with foul language, but I'll let this one stand. It's a monument to the very kind of people that defend the likes of Cynthia McKinney. How proud she must be.

9:16 AM  

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