Thursday, March 02, 2006

You're #$%*@ Right I Ordered the Code Reds!!!

So says Saddam. The former Butcher of Baghdad essentially admits being the one who ordered executions and destruction of land of people who were somewhat near the location of some characters who tried to have Saddam killed. Certainly, the attempted assassins met a nasty fate, but so did their families and neighbors. Torture, murder, imprisonment, all for knowing a bad guy or living near him. Which is a lot like imprisoning the people in this nation who always refer to criminal wierdo neighbors as "quiet, kept to himself, reserved..."

But all humor aside, this is bad for Saddam. He essentially admitted to doing the bad things for which he is charged, and challenging the court with a "so what?" attitude. Which I think underpins Saddam's whole attitude problem with this trial.

He doesn't think he did a thing wrong, and like Col. Nathan R. Jessup quoted above in A Few Good Men, Saddam is so egomaniacally deranged that he honestly believes that he will get the chance to return to his palaces to rule the people of Iraq once the trial court realizes that there was nothing bad about killing a bunch of innocent people he didn't like. But that's the good thing about narcissistic bad people. They often make the cases against themselves by admitting the act under the theory that there was nothing wrong with doing it.

Thank you Mr. Hussein. You made the job of the prosecutors and the court much easier, and you may have saved yourself from the trouble of trials for other acts. Because when you swing for this one, they'll let you off of the other charges.


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