Friday, March 03, 2006

How Brownie Got His Groove Back

Let's get some thens and nows straightened up about Hurricane Katrina.

The Democrats and media declared that Michael Brown:

has repeatedly exercised poor judgment and has failed in his basic responsibilities. His continued presence in this critical position endangers the success of the ongoing recovery efforts.

It is not enough to remove Mr. Brown from the disaster scene as Secretary Chertoff announced today. The individual in charge of FEMA must inspire confidence and be able to coordinate hundreds of federal, state and local resources. Mr. Brown simply doesn’t have the ability or the experience to oversee a coordinated federal response of this magnitude. [snip]

Leaders of this crucial federal agency should not be little more than political appointees honored for their political service.
"Brownie" was an incompetent.

Today, the media is playing him as a scapegoat. Why? Because he is firing charges at his former boss, Homeland Security Chief Mike Chertoff. And irrespective of the validity of the finger-pointing, it's more than just a little disingenuous to rip the man six months ago as a fool and now to rehabilitate him as he might be useful in causing more damage to the Bush Administration.

But I must go back to the states, as we now know that Gov. Kathleen Blanco (D) who received a pass from the media and the Democrats was clueless as to the state of the levees, while the ruptured seawalls allowed the city to rapidly flood, despite the fact that they were publicly reported to have ruptured and spilling water into the city earlier that morning. Oops. This was also the person who told the President not to send anyone into New Orleans until she had a good 24 hours to think about it. Who's incompetent?

And now Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (yes, D), who sobbed his eyes out on the radio begging for help as he left his citizens to their own lack of devices to escape the city and/or languish in the Superdome and the unequipped Convention Center is likewise given a pass.

So here is the standard to which the Administration is being held: The incompetence of the locals in getting their residents out of harm's way in the first place is irrelevant. The Administration should have been able to overcome the local failures, to preserve the levees, and to evacuate the horribly damaged city with no loss of life. It would be like Ted Kennedy blaming the paramedics and police for not being able to rescue Mary Jo Kopechne.

This is pure partisan carping.


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