Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Durbin: The Dems Are Planning a Coup


Whereas Bill Clinton's perjury--a felony--did not "rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors", a media and Democrat created phrase that induced vomiting in just about every American who saw the lying under oath for what it was, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) dropped the suggestion that protecting the American people might get Bush impeached.

Put another way, the Democrats are mad that Bill Clinton was impeached for obstructing justice and lying under oath, and they are even more mad that George Bush has beaten them in three elections and consistently beats them on national security. And those drubbings are grounds for impeachment for these Democrats, because Bush has failed to recognize that these Baby Boomer elite leftist Democrats believe that holding power over we the unwashed is their birthright. This is what happens when the flower children get elected. The excuse they are using is that the wiretap program can be made to seem illegal. And that's an important distinction. True illegality versus the media and the left's effort to make it sound illegal.

So I cannot strongly enough impress upon anyone reading this blog the importance of the upcoming elections. If the Democrats win, they will make every effort to Remove Bush and Cheney from power and conveniently install a Democrat House Speaker as President in a neat and clean little coup. Because they Dems, out of pure insane rage, feel that they are entitled to score an impeachment after having one scored against them.

So please pay attention to the people running the show from your state. If your state sends a Durbin, Reid, Boxer, Schumer, Kennedy, Levin or Rockefeller, you are sending dangerously ambitious people to Washington who care nothing about you, but only about personal power.

And so I don't use the word "coup" lightly. Remember, these are the same people whose judges rewrite laws from the bench. These are the same people who favor terrorists' rights over yours. These are the same people who accused Bush of lying his way into Iraq. These are the same people who likened our soldiers to Nazis. These are the same people who were quick to try to understand what wrong we did to provoke 9/11, as opposed to reaching the very easy conclusion that it was a bunch of murderers who are part of an anti-civilization terrorist group that want to bring the world under the control of radical islamist beliefs. These are the same people who were aghast when Ronald Reagan challenged the Soviet Union as an "evil empire". These are people who are consistently on the wrong side of history and who consistently believe and act upon the belief that there is nothing great about America.

Our nation makes room for irresponsible fools such as these. Our laws protect them. But we need to be discerning and responsible enough not to elect them. Because for all the President's foibles in dealing with his own popularity and perception, he is looking out for America, and he really doesn't care how history regards him, so long as the United States continues to make history rather than becoming it.


Blogger Mark said...

I never thought of it that way. That is food for thought. Personally, I don't believe that even if they win a majority on the next election, they will be successful at impeaching Bush. There won't be enough Democrats that will want to risk their political careers on an embarrassing failure to remove a sitting president.

2:20 AM  

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