Monday, March 20, 2006

Dirty Harry's Non-Strategy

Drudge is reporting on the Democrats' latest plan--such as it is--to get attention to their candidates. Harry Reid gave his caucus homework to do in preparation for the elections. He proposes that they meet with first responders to show how poorly funded they are by the feds, points of entry to show how poor our security is, hold town hall meetings with local Democrat officials and a national guard unit to show the hard impact by long deployments and how that plays into the inability to respond to disasters like Hurricane Katrina, factories that produce military equipment to show how poorly armored our soldiers are, and families who have had to purchase body armor for their soldiers, to name just a few.

But let's talk about how the Dems' record in these areas. They opposed the formation of the Homeland Security Department unless unionized federal workers had rights above ours as citizens to hire and fire employees as the Department heads deem appropriate. They applauded the Clinton-era Pentagon funding slashes that require the current long deployments, the one-time need for families to purchase body armor--my brother-in-law was provided his by Uncle Sam well over a year ago and before the Rumsfeld "military we have" speech. They oppose the current wiretapping program that listens in on conversations between al Qaida operatives and foreign agents. They opposed the DPW deal for political purposes only, as they still oppose profiling of Middle Eastern men at security checkpoints. But when there were Guard units aplenty to assist in New Orleans, the Dems' New Orleans Mayor and Louisiana Governor respectively left people in New Orleans to fend for and drown by themselves and blocked assistance to the City after it was offered by the President and when the conditions there were known to be dire.

But my comments there aside, this is the same old thing they have been offering against the President. Nothing but nitpicking. They criticize the programs that are there, but fail to offer something as an improvement. So it's not as if they are saying that they would do something different, but in true Eyore form, just state that the affairs of things are bad.

So this is nothing more than an attempt to lower the dialogue and stay negative, when their own policies were a significant cause of the things about which they currently complain. And things like that are important to remember when dealing with this party and the national security issue. They have been on the wrong side of it since at least 1972 and are eager to put their own thirst for power above the security of the American people. Because a plan like this is about nothing more than political gamesmanship in order to get personal power, rather than anything meaningful to enhance the security of the American people.

But I doubt that this effort will have much of any impact. Because despite the president's falling poll numbers, the Dems seem completely incapable of capitalizing on it.


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