Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Retaliatory Cartoons

Per my last post, I believe that the intolerance of the Islamist community is reflected in the fact that while violence against people (meaning those they don't like, which is just about everyone) is just fine, cartoons that they feel are blasphemous are not, and warrant acts of violence and murder. But perhaps the Iranians are getting in the spirit of things. They are commissioning a contest for Holocaust cartoons. Of note, the Mullah quoted in the article seems to be the thinking type, but I'm not holding my breath that his words will bring sanity to a group of people who are already completely detached from the rest of the world.

And I'll hazard a guess that they are probably looking for the most tasteless and cruel depictions, but it's their contest, not mine. Of course, the government of Iran is not calling for an end to the violence caused by the Mohammed cartoons, but at least they want to show that they can get into the free speech game too. But remember, the speech is only free if it disagrees with the current government and no state action is taken against the speaker. But given that hate of Jews and Israel is the state policy of the Mullahs of Iran and of its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, such a thing is a pretty safe prospect in Iran and throughout the Middle East.

I guess I'm wondering, though, where Jews come in to this debate. It was European secularists who did the cartoons which offended the Islamofacist terrorists. They were not printed by Israelis. Why not depictions of libertine secular Europeans who actually did this? Why not some hyperventilatory cartoon showing a bunch of egghead Europeans defiling the Koran? Or are these people so absolutely clouded by hate of a people who never really did anything to them, that they just want to spread the misery around? Or better yet, is it that they have no substantive response to the substance of the cartoons, such that they can only respond with neolithic displays of violence and rhetorical irrelevance?

And if this is the state of cultural and psychological affairs among these extremists, if we are going to put burkas on women to prevent them from causing sin, perhaps we can put straight jackets on the men to prevent them from doing the same.


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