Monday, February 06, 2006

Kristallnacht 2006

By now, Islamofacists are in full swing, attacking the embassies of various European nations who dared to print cartoons with which these politically adored brigands disagree. But the violence over these cartoons is not lost, as it tells us a good deal about the values, attitudes and intentions of these people.

Certainly 9/11 told us that they want to kill civilians, but we already knew that. More than anything though, it told us more about our own vulnerabilities. And we learned that the terrorists had become all the more observant and careful, adapting their tactics to circumvent our defenses. And we also learned that the Israelis were the canaries in the mine, insofar as the Islamofacists intended to do the same kinds of things here.

That being said, these riots over the graphic and satirical depiction of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, reflect much the same thing as the riots in Afghanistan over the false reporting of the destruction of copies of the Koran by U.S. soldiers at Guantanamo Bay. One may argue that all of this proves that the pen is mightier than the sword, but it really proves that these extremists value things and rules more than people.

They tell us that the image of a religious figure must be kept sacred. So must be the holy book of the religion. But there is a logical and moral disconnect when those same requirements do not apply to the treatment of people to whom the religion is supposed to minister. People with peaceful purposes are captured, dismembered by Islamist terrorists on videotape which is then aired to the Arab world by Al Jazeera like a sporting event. Zealots with bombs strapped to their bodies walk amid women and children peaceably shopping in open air markets and blow themselves up to inflict maximum damage. Sunni extremists murder pro-democracy Shiite clerics in Iraq and level their mosques. Where is the parallel outrage? Why aren't there mass demonstrations burning effigies of Usama bin Laden, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, or the Hamas leadership? Well, there was one, but that was after some Zarqawi people blew up a Sunni wedding in Jordan. In that case, the terrorist simply selected the wrong victim, hence the outrage. It involves a depraved heart and mind to be able to rationalize such a distinction, but such is the way of individuals who have no values other than enforcing, for their own political purposes the strictest portions of their religious dogma to subjugate others.

But if their values are nearly zero, their intentions are quite grandiose. They are taking a zero tolerance policy towards the printing of cartoons they consider blasphemous in European newspapers. But rather than boycotting the newspapers, keeping their circulation out of the Middle East and making their political and religious views known, they are destroying property and working to kill people as retribution. Which means that newspapers whose circulation is not directed toward those in the Middle East are not permitted to print anything an Islamofacist doesn't like. Meaning that their rules apply to you. And they want their reach to extend to you. Getting the picture? If these people get their way and we treat their behavior and twisted theology as even the least bit legitimate we will have to change our culture to fit their strict sensitivities in order to avoid their violent retribution. Freedom of speech dies. Freedom of religion dies. Those not-so-clear Constitutional rights to privacy become clearer than ever, when they are wiped away with the Constitution. They want to force and enforce their religion against you.

And in all reality, Islamofacism isn't much different than Nazism. It is a violently ambitious political movement by individuals who lack tolerance for anyone else. Anti-Semitism is one of its hallmark characteristics, it seeks diplomacy only to the extent that same helps it advance its primary tools of statecraft, mass murder and fear, and seeks to take over the entire planet. And this current outbreak of violence is likely the Kristallnacht of this war.

The only difference between this movement and that of Hitler is that the creepy occult images of the Nazis which never caught on in the West have been cleverly replaced by religious ones that will. And so this purely political movement cloaks itself with a false legitimacy by wrapping its fetid values and goals in a religious outer shell.

It's really very clever. And if we appease it rather than stamp it out, the result will be the same. But this time, they'll skip the Atlantic warfare and just lob nuclear tipped missiles across regions, continents and oceans. And if we let it get that far, our only hope is that a missile defense system--opposed by the appeasers--works, or that a bomb fizzles. And neither is an adequate or responsible defense against such a determined enemy.


Blogger ELAshley said...

Agreed... Apeasement is no different that Submission. Wait! Isn't that what Islam means? Submission?

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