Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kartoon Krazies Krack

The Syrians attacked the Danish and Norweigan Embassies over offensive cartoons printed in newspapers. Folks, that's an act of war.

Bu the lesson will soon become that Islamofacism's hyperventilatory hypersensitivity does not control the globe. And this may be the beginning of the break of the European media-left's honeymoon with these murderers. Because it's their cartoons that got these maniacs upset. But it's also their right to print what they want.

And so I wonder if they'll part first with their right to say what they want or their desire not to offend terrorists.

But if it's the latter, which I think is likely after their pronouncement that free speech means the right to commit blasphemy, the bloody hands of Islamofacists may have just lost their most valued ally in the West.


Blogger ELAshley said...

Ahhh, but Islamofacism's hyperventilatory hypersensitivity DOES control the globe... as long as free nations bow to their god and prophet. And every time some fool network or newspaper chooses to censor themselves to appease Islam, their actions only serve to hammer that truth home in the collective mind of GLOBAL Islam.

What I want to know is, how much longer will America, especially the Left, cling to the notion that this is a conventional war against a conventional foe?

America may have the most powerful military in the world, and perhaps the greatest there ever was, but I dare say Sun Tzu would not be impressed with the politic-citizenry which seeks to direct it. The ignorance of Left in matters of War is incredibly astounding... I am in awe of their complete lack of understanding of the true nature of the struggle we and the rest of the world face against this most unconventional of foes.

Our leaders are buffoons if they can't even sculpt the dialog necessary to make every American see the necessity of destroying Radical Islam... at any cost.

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