Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Getting the Cheney Story Wrong

I know I have been blogging quite a bit about this, but the impressions I am getting from across the blogosphere (check which has the best variety of opinion) from reasonable and conservative minds and in the news reports from Republicans are that Cheney's people were somehow wrong and caused this shooting hoopla.

To be clear, yes, the whole communication apparatus didn't function well, and this whole thing could have been avoided by a paragraph in a press release.

But it seems more that people are concerned that the press is upset. My reaction? Who cares! After the truly infantile behavior of David Gregory of NBC, it seems as if the conensus is that in order to avoid the bullying from the media and unfair behavior from unscrupulous political opponents, we must apologize to them and give them whatever they want, or else they will allow the story to be blown out of proportion.

But the standards of common decency apply not just to politicians, but also to the media. And while Cheney could have handled the reporting of this a bit better, the overreaction to this very insignificant story tells us that the White House press corps is filled with a bunch of very silly megalomaniacs.

And while issuing a statement would have prevented this accident from becoming the issue the media has made it, they have unwittingly made their behavior an issue. There is no excuse for the kind of rudeness they have displayed, nor the truly unprofessional behavior of the likes of David Gregory who actually threw a fit (check the Malkin piece below) when he didn't like Scott McClellan's ribbing him. So it may help to remember that they are in the White House talking to the people's elected leaders, where a certain level of decorum is expected.

And if certain members of the press corps can't remember that, then perhaps it might be a better thing that they go back to covering the local fire department carnival where such silliness is tolerated.


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