Thursday, February 02, 2006

Funny over the Funnies

I'll cut to the chase in this one.

An artist in Denmark a while ago did a political cartoon depicting Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. It was unflattering, but then again, isn't that the point of a political cartoon? Somebody gets mocked. And cartoons of that variety have been running for centuries in newspapers.

But the reaction from the Islamofascists was a bit asymmetric, but still predictable given what we know of them. Declarations of blasphemy (it is forbidden to depict Mohammed), bomb threats, etc. with certain editors saying that they wouldn't have published them had they known that such a furor would arise.

And I find that unfortunate, because these international goons are now making an active effort to censor any communications that might in some way offend them. But here's a news flash--their senitivities do not control the planet any more than mine do. That's one of the beauties of freedom. Ideas get to stand on their own. People get to weigh the merits. And in the western world, Islam is not perceived as a religion of peace, but one whose chief representatives are a bunch of AK-47 toting, mask wearing, invective spewing, murderous outlaws.

But here's one of the few times I will catch myself agreeing with the secular left. They stated that part of free speech is the right to commit blasphemy. Which is a meaningful thing in this context, because an Islamofascist defines anything that offends him as blasphemy. Free speech has its social consequences too, as the likes of Cindy Sheehan, Dan Rather, and Terrell Owens have learned. And if one is so concerned about blasphemy, the proper approach is to seek revenge through symmetric channels. Let your opposing voice be heard, and seek to correct, shame or socially ostracize opponents. Bill O'Reilly has made a decent living out of it, and is probably the most effective agent for social change in America today. It's called discourse.

But all of that aside, I wonder why they don't have the same outrage when defenseless living people have their heads torn off by desperate terrorists who capture them and videotape their murders in the name of Islam?

But it just goes to show that nature of this enemy we face. They expect complete conformity, they do not tolerate disagreement, and above all, they hate anyone who does not have an encyclopedic understanding of and unfailing respect for even the tiniest nuances of their excruciatingly bitter and intolerant culture.

So no, they won't find cartoons funny either.


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