Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney's Interview

Dick Cheney is going to do an interview, not a press conference. The interview is with Fox News, which should tell folks that the VP is not interested in taking questions from reporters who are out to demagogue the accident, but rather wants the opportunity just to tell us what we already know. It will likely be with Brit Hume doing the interview, with whom Cheney will be more than comfortable.

This is probably a crafted response to that will clear up the matter in every sane person's mind, but which also may assist in the Administration's plan to have this backfire on the media and on the likes of Harry Reid for trying to make it into a major issue.

Cheney would be wise to be straight on the facts, and make a special note as to how he ensured that his friend's needs received attention above all else. But he ought to also express his remorse for his friend, and how he feels badly for what happened, despite the fact that it was an accident. That will give him a place to give a businesslike expression of displeasure over the obnoxious behavior of the media and certain Democrats who are trying to use an accident with no moral component, that has no effect on the Vice President's job, and that is none of their affairs, as a means to hit him when he already feels terribly.

The Administration is not granting this interview for no reason, and hopefully, this will bring about a much deserved response to those who used this occasion to display their inexcusable lack of civility.


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