Friday, January 27, 2006

Very Bad News For Hillary

Thanks to my reader and fellow blogger, Eric Ashley who advises of this very unfortunate poll for Hillary Clinton. 51% of voters state that there is no way they would vote for Hillary, as opposed to the 16% who would. If the poll is correct, it spells doom for Hillary.

Of course, many people have come back from low poll numbers. We are witnessing something of a comeback for President Bush from the doldrums of 2005. And it is true that many candidates, as an election year heats up, gain name and face recognition and people begin to get a better picture of them. But this is quite different and therefore much worse for Hillary.

Hillary is a household name. There is almost nobody who does not know who she is, so name and face recognition are not problems. If anything, she is potentially the most visible candidate for the 2008 presidential race in the minds of most Americans. Which means that people are making judgments based upon 14 years of Hillary being in the public eye. She is being judged based upon her known or perceived qualities, which makes the liklihood of regaining any kind of traction slim.

Of course, the Clintons have reinvented themselves several times over to great success, but Hillary does not carry nearly as much of Bill's charisma as she may think. And while Bill can charm the skin off of a snake for his own benefit, Hillary is not possessed of the same personal qualities, and as I said earlier, Bill's qualities will only provide a moderate benefit to Hillary at best.

So "Senator" Clinton may only be as far as she gets. And that's a good thing.


Blogger ELAshley said...

It's also important to note that when Hillary gets animated behind the podium she sounds shrill; her voice suffused with a quality that evokes a reaction akin to biting on tinfoil. She completely lacks the composure, poise, and presense of her deeply flawed husband.

Considering Bill's character IS so fundamentally flawed, and Hillary-- shrill and almost Banshee-esque in comparison --little more than a shadow of her flawed husband, she's pretty much dead in the water. She could certainly win her party's nomination, but realistically, she's unelectable... She's got far too much baggage, the most obvious of which is her husband.

1:29 AM  

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