Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Predix for 2006

Time for the 2006 things to watch for. Here are my predictions:

First, the shockers:

1. The left and the media will shock America by going so far as to paint Samuel Alito as "extreme".

2. Ted Kennedy will vote against Alito.

3. The Democrats and, yes, the media will latch onto the wiretap issue and try to use it to make trouble for the president, asking questions about how safe our civil liberties are.

4. The Dems will use item #3 as an excuse to derail the reauthorization of the Patriot Act.

5. The 2006 midterm election will involve Republicans questioning the judgment of various Democrats running for reelection to the Senate and other offices when it comes to matters of national security. The Democrats, in a stunning turn of events, will spin the Republicans' tactic as a cruel mistreatment and questioning of their patriotism.

6. If there is a close election this November, the Dems will contest it.

Ok, enough of picking on the Democrats and the left. I could do it all day.

But here are the top things I expect for 2006:

1. We will indeed be able to draw out troops from Iraq, and will manage to do it successfully. In keeping with that, the Iraqis will show the world that they are with the program, and their fully prepared military divisions will be able to successfully lead attacks on the anti-Iraqi forces.

2. Samuel Alito will be confirmed to fill the seat of Sandra Day O'Connor, and in keeping with the PR comeback begun last year, the White House will wage a very successful campaign to confirm him. Having said that, at least one filibuster vote is likely a given.

3. Economic conditions in New Orleans will not improve. Many of the most industrious folks will have picked up and set up shop elsewhere in the nation, leaving many welfare dependent folks to return to not very much. Also, the departure of Entergy will be the beginning of other major corporate departures, leaving the city as half of what it was.

4. The hurricane season will be yet another miserable one.

5. Gas prices will remain high until the Iraqi oil fields can supply a reliable flow of crude oil. Despite any of that, efforts to get domestic drilling in ANWR will continue to get close to passage, but will ultimately fail.

6. The wiretapping issue will (surprise) be a basis for Democratic calls for impeachment of the President. Notwithstanding that, when the realities of what took place become clearer, Democrats will be embarrassed, seeming to have defended terrorists in an election year...just in time for it to be an inescapable impression for voters in November.

7. Hillary Clinton will face absolutely no serious opposition and will be reelected as comfortably as before.

8. Jack Abramoff will be the end of several Republicans in Congress.

9. Tom DeLay will escape Ronnie Earl's charges. But Earle will escape the loss of his license for malicious prosecution.

10: And following up on prediction #1, Our troops won't be going far. Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will ratchet up the rhetoric. But more to the point, he will be able to, at the very least, construct an atomic device.


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