Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting a Favor for the Alito Hearings

If you like a political bloodbath like I do, the hearings to smear (or possibly confirm) Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court will be a delight.

Alito has already hinted that he will give as good as he gets from the Democratic members of the Committee if he is the victim of an unfair attack.

And just to get a flavor for what he has coming, RealClearPolitics posted the opening remarks of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). I have long said that Schumer is an effective (if not the most effective) member of his caucus because he is intelligent, diplomatic, and reserved. If Democrats want to be the party of the far left--as they are now--they need to take a hint from Schumer, not the intellectual midget, Barbara Boxer.

But read Schumer's commentary carefully. He makes the Supreme Court sound like an oligarchy--they make the kitchen table decisions that affect us. But the last time I checked, Article I of the Constitution covers the making of the laws, and vests that in the Congress--of which Schumer is a member. So I find his reasoning hopelessly flawed in that respect, and same is a reason why one needs to watch out for the left. Courts can't make laws. But the left wants it that way, as their agenda cannot be put into law by any other means. Of course, he later adds this bit of wisdom that was worth a guffaw:
[T]he Court is not a legislature – free to substitute its own judgment for
that of the elected bodies; and the people are not subjects – powerless to
control their own most intimate decisions.

From the Senator who wants the courts to find an abortion right that is nowhere found in the Constitution. I think what he means is that the Court cannot substitute judgment when the result is what Schumer would perceive as right-of-center.

So if anyone thinks that this will be a hearing about Alito's fitness, they are sorely mistaken and will be disappointed. This will be the minority party's opportunity to demagogue their voluminougrievanceses with the Administration and with mainstream voters in general by raising the issues of wiretapping as big brother, abortion as a sacred right, gun control (apart from the pesky wording of the Second Amendment), gay rights as the new civil rights, racial preferences, Bush v. Gore and "voting rights" (meaning the right to add spoiled ballots whenever the election is close and the Democrat is behind), and just about every other item on their agenda. And Alito's failure to endorse (or address for that matter) every aspect of their socialist-secularist platform will be the basis by which they will claim that he is an extremist.

Which brings us back to the whole matter of ideology. This is about political reliability, and not professional fitness. Otherwise, Schumer's statement would not have mentioned "balance" and the importance of maintaining it.

The first shots are flying as I write. Enjoy!


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