Friday, January 27, 2006

A Funny With a Purpose

Per Drudge, Helen Thomas is really, really mad. The ultra-left former UPI White House correspondent turned columnist really, really doesn't like George W. Bush. In an effort to ask a bunch of strident questions that could just as well have been screeched out of the mouth of Cindy Sheehan at a White House press conference, Thomas was passed over time and again by the President. The thing is, Thomas sits front and center in the press room. There's no missing her.

And here's another thing. The White House controls who gets access to the press room. Thomas had no problem getting a seat as an employee of UPI, but as an individual columnist, she stands on her own. Which means the White House approved her to be there on her own. Now, this is just a guess, but to admit her and to let her just sit there, when she was used to about 57 years of being the queen of the press room, not taking a single one of her shrill questions seems to be the President's way of letting this living symbol of the age of the far left media and all who follow her know that their control over the legitimate press is more or less dead.

And while it may be just a little bit hurtful to Helen Thomas, it's funny to just about anyone else to see that her leftist arrogance has no outlet. It's funny, but funny with a purpose.


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