Thursday, January 12, 2006

For Whom Does the New York Times Work?

Notwithstanding my prior post, Ted Kennedy has proven, even to the most blind, that he cares nothing about the facts or about Judge Sam Alito's fitness to serve on the Supreme Court, but only the impressions that he can potentially create in order to harm the nomination.

Yesterday's display between Kennedy and the Judiciary Committee's chairman, Arlen Specter, where the former demanded that they go into an executive session to decide whether to issue subpoenas for the Concerned Alumni for Princeton documents at the Library of Congress, indicates that Kennedy either knows nothing about what his staff is doing, nor what the New York Times reviewed (meaning that he is an idiot), or more likely, he realizes what a disaster his opposition is becoming for him, and needed to add some false drama for the national audience to get some gasps that never took place. He's trying to do as Harry Reid did when he put the Senate into a closed session last fall.

Both the Judiciary Committee Staffers and David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times reviewed the documents and found no mention of Alito at all. (H.T. Confirm Them).

If the New York Times had found anything related to Alito, it would have been instantly splattered across the front page for weeks as evidence that Alito was a racist, sexist pig, leaving the Administration to clean up the mess. Of course, the Committee staff would have reported anything to the Senators.

So while Kennedy can recall silly letters that he sent to Arlen Specter and their replies, he misses the big point, which is that despite his posturing and demagoguery, if the documents said anything, both the NYT and the staff would have picked it up.



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