Thursday, December 01, 2005

Murtha's Next Disgrace

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) is bullish on terror. And when he characterizes the Army as "broken, worn out," it sounds a whole lot like he would like nothing better than to see a replay of the airlift from the U.S. Embassy during fall of Saigon take place in the Green Zone, with Al Qaida in Iraq leading the charge up the stairs of the building to kill whomever the helicopters could not carry.

Murtha has finally bought in to the wing of the party, and as I noted before, has adopted the ways of Denothir from Lord of the Rings--a ruler who will not look at the potential for victory, but rather one who embraces defeat, and who works against anything that may turn the battle in his favor.

Murtha may have been a decorated Marine officer, but for this purpose, that history is irrelevant. Wes Clark, John Kerry and others have been used as mouthpieces for Democrat foreign and military policy, and have all resorted to the now predictable demagoguery that criticizing the merits of their ideas is tantamount to questioning their service and/or patriotism. And now the same is being done with Murtha. He is a man who is using the fact that he once wore the uniform to advance a notion that is patently false--the notion that a hard fight is not worth the effort. I don't know which individuals Murtha is talking to, but it seems to disagree with the general sense of resolve that is being reported from the soldiers in Iraq.

Of course, he is free to say what he wants, but Jack Murtha is doing absolutely no good for the military for he claims to advocate, by characterizing them as incapable and worn out. His vision for the war on terror involves a totalitarian government in Iraq and an unchecked Al Qaida. nd his vision for the military is a 1979 unequipped and demoralized Carter-era Vietnam-demoralized soldier.

I would ask all who can't get their heads out of the Vietnam funk to please allow our soldiers to do as they are trained and ordered, and to allow them see this war to completion without the failure-minded attitude of the overgrown 1960s baby boomer flower child getting in the way. If any of this describes you, your era is over along with your relevance.

It's our turn now. And we're choosing to win where you were only too happy with failure and disgrace.


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