Friday, December 02, 2005

Corzine's Gambit

Sen. Jon Corzine, along with Sen. Frank Lautenberg tried to pass some silly commemorative resolution patting Bruce Springsteen on the back for his contribution to American culture. And Republicans blocked it because it seemed to be nothing more than giving a hand to a campaign contributor and booster.

Well now it seems that Governor-elect Corzine is considering appointing the Boss to the seat he is vacating. And as this development strips whatever veneer that there may have been off of the effort to recognize Springsteen, it raises a pretty significant question: What qualifications does he have for the office outside of the fact that he has been a loyal supporter of Democrat campaigns and can finance his own campaign next year?

But given that Barbara Boxer is qualified to be one of the two Senators from the nation's largest state, perhaps the Springer might fit in just fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you think about it though, it causes one to wonder what qualifies many other senators to their position: Mikulski, for example. He original claim to fame was leading the fight against extending a couple of expressways into downtown Baltimore, one of which was essentially completed in the western part of the city (including the destruction of thousands of homes), the part that didn't get done was through the wasteland of Leakin "Park" (used mostly as a dumping ground for homicide victims). Every time I drive into downtown Baltimore I think of Barbara's legacy of gridlock.

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