Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Atheistic Jihad

There's always some pleasure in watching the Christmas specials where the Grinch sees the error of his ways and returns the town's lot of Christmas loot (which is curiously pulled up a mountain by that tiny but unfailingly loyal dog), or where Scrooge sees the physical and spiritual effects of stinginess, cruelty and the love of money alone. But I'm still waiting for the special where Barry Linn or some Newdow-style ACLU attorney sees the error of their ways. And by that, I don't mean that they become Bible-believing Christians (hold guffaws please), but rather, respect the right of the rest of us who celebrate Christmas to do so in a place outside our windowless basements with hushed voices, and yes, even in the public square.

The secular left has been on the warpath since the 1960s to eradicate religious practice in the public square, and to marginalize the influence of Christianity and Judaism in society. The reasons are obvious. The left has a social agenda which involves liberalized sexual practices, the elimination of the traditional family, legalization and normalization of the gay lifestyle, and abortion as birth control just to name a few. And when Americans remain God-minded, that agenda has no hope of finding any support. Eliminate it, and with it go the consciences that abhor the left's Huxleyan agenda.

Their opposition to public religious displays are that it may offend someone. But individuality offends in a free society, and the Founders did not intend to shield us from an offended conscience, but rather a government that dictated religion to us. If anything, the display of religious symbols indicates not a state-sanctioning of religion, but rather a state tolerance for religion. But try that argument on the secularists. Even if they buy your reasoning, you're wasting your breath. It is not understanding they seek, but orthodoxy.

The secularists attack religion underthe guise of tolerance, and an avoidance of state interference with religion. But state interference with people's practice of their faith is exactly what they seek.

Rather than preventing the state from advancing Christianity or Judaism, they are demanding that the state enforce atheism--a belief system just as much a religion as any other recognized faith. Athiests have a belief about a God--there is none. Atheism is exclusive; you can't take the position that atheism can have any comity with any other theistic religion or be just as valid or true. Either one or the other is flat wrong. And it has a value system which addresses the role and purpose of humans on earth, namely that there is none. We are accidents of a vast series of pre-historic chemical reactions. Life is meaningless, so we ought to eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die. So when you hear that they are trying to stop religious expression, that is false. They are trying to promote it--just theirs--which seems to look like a lack of religion.

By forcing out the recognition of the traditions of particular faiths, to the point of attempting to strike even the mention of the name of God from our Pledge of Alleigance and from our coins and currency, they are encouraging discrimination and exclusion based upon a viewpoint about God, and in a significant way, are engaging in a jihad of their own.

They have goals to meet, so no spiritual truth will cross their seared consciences. So we must fight them in every venue they seek, and not imagine that there are battles to be picked. When the coins of the U.S. offend them, these are obsessed extremists who want no middle ground. They want their way 100% and will not coexist with others in a peaceful manner. You may be comfortable letting them live their lives the way they choose, to the extent it does not affect you, but they are not content to grant you that same social courtesy. They want to eliminate the recognition of God from the public square, but they are heading for what goes on in your church and your living room too. They are all for privacy rights when it involves a 14 year old's abortion, but not your religious liberties.

So break out the Merry Christmas, wish your Jewish friends a Happy Hanukah, and praise God for the nation where it's still ok to do that. But have the guts to stand up to those who oppose your right to do so. Because while they find our displays offensive, their efforts to prevent us from doing it is equally repugnant and deserves a response equal to theirs. Because cruelty of this nature must be defeated. And it can't be until we stop being cowed by their religious intimidation and until we stand up to them and publicly call their actions exactly what they are--Goebbels style bigory and hate clothed in the appearance of tolerance.


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