Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Racism, Democrat Style

Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele (R) is taking some heat from from Democrats. The only problem is that the Dems don't like him because he's black and Republican.

And if you think I'm overstating, please take a look at this Washington Times article which shows just how racist Democrats can be.

Calling a man an "Uncle Tom", an Oreo, and then pelting him with them, because he is balck and not a liberal is indeed racism. It is dislike of a man because he is black that is driving the Democrat opposition to Steele, and nothing more.

And that hatred makes sense. If Steele steals away significant black votes from the Democrats in next year's Senate race, the Democrats are indeed in a jam. They'd rather the Republicans keep to tradition by running a pseudo serious candidate for Senate. The fact that the Dems may have a real fight on their hands irritates them. The fact that it is a black Republican giving it to them has them positively furious.

We saw it with Condi Rice. We saw it wane with Colin Powell as it more and more appeared that there was distance between he and the President on key issues.

The left accepts (meaning tolerates, allows, puts up with, etc.) blacks to the extent that they are politically obedient and to the extent that they can deliver votes and funds. But God help the African American who has the audacity and ingratitude to think for themselves and choose to be a conservative. It is this very cruel and cynical, yet "dressed up" racism that has run through the left for years--the expectation that minorities, and especially blacks will be their vassals.

And while nobody is moving about in white robes with crosses burning, and there are no threats of physical harm, the behavior evidenced in the Times article above is of the same despicable variety, motivated by the same shameless hate, and possessed of the same vile elitism that Americans fought against in the 1950s and 60s.

It's a shame that the party that claims to carry the cause of black Americans will only do so if those same Americans know their place.


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