Monday, November 07, 2005

No More TO

Ok, not much in the way of football talk gets done here, but I'll put in my two cents on the latest expurgation from the NFL.

Terrel Owens, who was Philadelphia's leading wide receiver is no longer. After about a year of nothing but smack talk about his team, stemming from their ability to get to the Super Bowl in his absence (which I woulkd think would humble him rather than stoke his ego) and now comments about Donovan McNabb, who feeds him the ball, then a locker room brawl, Owens is cut.

And good for the Eagles. Granted, McNabb showed that he needed a great receiver like Owens to catch the long passes after yesterday's game, but it's a better thing to offload a total rectum and work a new set of receivers for whom the sky's the limit in potential, rather than a have to suffer with guaranteed scorer whose ego can't fit into his helmet and who destroys team cohesion.

Adios Terell.


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