Thursday, November 10, 2005

More About Joe Wilson

A commenter left what I found to be a particularly interesting comment below that Paul Vallely is a liar. Delightful. But read the linked post.

It would have helped if the Anon poster actually read the link before citing to it, but facts seem not to matter to this Wilson defender, given the whole "lying neocon sack of s---" comment. The assertions for which the post is offered are little more than lipstick on the pig.

First, nothing coming out of Joe Wilson's mouth can be believed. Nobody should put his statements up against those of anyone else. He is a proven liar. Second, the whole point to the article, grousing only about Vallely's inability to place the time of year of Wilson's mentioning of his wife's employment or the exact number of times (greater than one) that Wilson had done so, actually lends credence to Vallely's claim.

But the points that the link leaves undisputed are Vallely's basic accounts that Joe Wilson described his wife's CIA employment, and that it was done at some time in 2002. Wilson "outed" his wife before the Novak article, and before Rove, Libby, or anyone else would have thought to do it. Whether it happened winter spring or fall is irrelevant, as well as the number of times (greater than one) that he did it.

Taking it from an evidentiary point of view, Wilson is incredible. He was proven either idiot or liar by British and other allied intelligence, by a unanimous bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee, and by Patrick Fitzgerald, who declined to prosecute anyone for the alleged outing of his wife. Vallely has no reason to lie, but Wilson is fighting a valiant effort to keep himself relevant. And despite his poor recollection of the exact timing of the discussion with Wilson, the major facts remain the same. It was ok for Wilson to drop his wife's name for his own political gain, but not for the White House to do the same to his detriment.

Stop defending Joe Wilson. He's not worth the effort. And read the pieces you cite. You look as stupid as he does otherwise.


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