Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Joe Wilson's Historical Revision

I'm a little late on this, but I couldn't pass it by. Joe Wilson doesn't get the fact that nobody but the far left takes him seriously, and they only bother with him because of the remaining emotional value his sob story of the claimed exposure of his wife may carry. A story which the public really cares little about, and for which the special prosecutor did not seek indictments. But ignoring the fact that that gripe seems to be bereft of fact, and that his claims about prewar intelligence in Iraq were largely refuted by the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, making him appear more like an opportunistic liar than just the incompetent diplo-fool he was believed to be, he pens this self-righteous column in the Los Angeles Times--"Our 27 Months of Hell". Bring your box of tissues--or a barf bag as necessary.

Ignoring the shrill tone and the Bush lied, people died implications, Joe Wilson has little to be upset about. And if this is hell to him, I'd love to see his idea of heaven. Nobody outside a few people in Washington knew this narcissist before he had the fortune of having his bluff called by the White House. When it came out that it was nepotism through his wife who worked at CIA, not a request by the Vice President as he claimed in all his grandiosity, that got him the job in Niger, (which was the extent of the "outing"), all of a sudden he is propelled in front of cameras and a fawning media.

And then he subjects he and his wife to a Vanity Fair shoot in his Jaguar in front of the White House, shows up at an impeachment hearing held by Rep John Conyers (D-MI) with Cindy Sheehan, and every other appearance with the elite glitterati of Washington. Go all the way through the Slate column linked above. His life has been quite charmed, even if his statements were more than a little inconsistent.

27 months ago the man was unknown. Because he used his wife as a bloody shirt to gain some temporary pathetic traction against the Bush Administration, and then used her as a shield against charges that he had played fast and loose with the truth, he has become a political rock star among the media-left. In short, his wife took the fall, he took the bow. A gentleman indeed.

He can spare the talk of misery, as he willingly subjected himself and his family to media attention and political scrutiny.

It's been the best 27 months of this unpleasant man's life.


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