Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Joe Lieberman Gets It

Following on my prior post is this act of bravery by Joe Lieberman (D-CT), courtesy of RealClearPolitics.

I have long believed that Joe Lieberman is a classy guy. Hiss willingness to break ranks with his party to stand for that which he believes takes guts. And he makes a very interesting series of points. Read the whole thing.

Interestingly though, he leaves the remarks on a low note for Carl Levin (D-MI). He calls Levin a patriot. Maybe he thinks he is, but in a later post, I'll take a closer look at that.

Because however patriotic one may think Carl Levin is, his efforts to smear the Bush Administration are known to him to be based in falsehoods (as he signed the Senate Intelligence Committee Report which found the opposite of what he claims today), and which give encouragement to those who want to see our resolve fail.

Joe Lieberman understands the risks of sending signs of division beyond our shores. It's a shame that the rest of his party is so opportunistic that they can't. But who ever accused them of caring about anything else than grabbing power?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't the very same chracteristics that you praise Joe Lieberman for (being willing to break ranks with his party) the same ones that Republicans slam John McCain for all the time? Understand, I'm no huge McCain fan but...

Mpls, MN

5:26 PM  

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