Friday, November 18, 2005

Denothir Cries For Retreat

In Return of the King, the Steward of Gondor, Denothir, gives in to despair and seeks not just his own death, but that of his son, Faromir whom he believes had failed him. Denothir chose to embrace only the worst news, and to take no joy in anything save the destruction of himself, and worst yet, his kingdom. He didn't give himself the opportunity to see the victory that was at hand.

And so goes today's Denothir, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), who delivered quite the slap in the face to America's soldiers and quite the confidence boost to terrorists. Pull out in six months and we'll see if the Iraqis sink or swim. Great idea, except that the Iraqis have already requested that we remain for another year as they become more able to interdict the terrorist forces. These are all positive developments, but the job will be complete when the Iraqis can defend themselves from and adequately prevent further terrorist attacks.

Murtha, like Denothir, seems to miss the fact that Iraq, rather than being a quagmire, is on the cusp of being a huge victory. And he forgets that the terrorists are indeed losing. He misses the fact that if we take any needless risks in Iraq, just to please the pathetically and predictably anti-war and opportunistic whiny left, we lose Iraq. And the 2,000-some soldiers who died, those injured, and those whose lives were unceremoniously interrupted for over a year will truly have labored and died in vain. And Iraq will once again become the hub of Middle East terror with Abu Musab al Zarquawi as the leader.

As soon as I heard of this development, my first question was, "what is Murtha getting from Nancy Pelosi?" While she didn't endorse his statement per se, she did everything else to make it happen. I'm not certain what is afoot here, but the Democrats ought to be ashamed for this truly unpatriotic effort to use the bad news only of the war in order to get for themselves political traction at the expense of their own nation and its soldiers.

And it makes me wonder--all arguments aside about prewar intelligence--why many of these people voted for the war. Let's say everything remained the same, except we found weapons of mass destruction. The hard slog we now see, accompanied by the really dishonest reporting of only the worst aspects of this war is where most of Murtha's (and others') complaints arose. Murtha was upset after seeing wounded soldiers, and in an effort to prevent any further casualties, he wants to sound the retreat. So either the left is chicken hearted, or they subscribe to the old Homer Simpson maxim that if anything is hard to do, it's not worth trying. Casualties are a very real and predictable part of war, but the level of casualties in this war is far lower than in any other. But tell that to these leftists who have an unrealistic and frankly ridiculous expectations of our military as it invades and disgorges a terrorist government and then tries to prevent foreign armed, manned and financed terrorist groups from gaining a foothold and undoing all of the work that has been done.

The Vietnam syndrome is very real in the minds of the left. But it plays a little differently than they think: The left, by their statements and actions seem to want Iraq to be the next Vietnam. And these self-proclaimed defenders of human rights are more interested the investing in and defending of individuals who attack civilians by sneaking bombs into their midst than the rights of the people being terrorized and murdered.

Vietnam resulted in a domestic massacre of millions of innocents at the hand of a government imposed by its neighbor to the north, China. And the sight of our military fleeing the embassy in helicopters to boats offshore is one I'd not like to have repeated. But I can't help but think that some of these leftists wouldn't mind seeing American flags burning in Baghdad, with a storming of the Green Zone, and Blackhawk helicopters fleeing the grounds with the last U.S. officials that could be carried rescued aboard.

It is that sight for which the left seems to be aiming. Because such talk ignores the realities of the successes we are achieving, demoralizes our soldiers and the people of Iraq, and encourages the terrorists. And I can't help but think that given their behavior over the past two years that the forces of Islamofascism have no better friend than the Western leftist.

Denothir has lost his nerve. Let us pray that we don't heed his call for retreat. He is welcome to self-immolate in the crypt he has chosen for himself, ignorant of and with disdain for his people's march to victory.


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