Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cheney Takes the Fight To The Dems

The Bush Adminsitration is finally getting it. And they have brought the battle over the prewar intelligence in Iraq to the people who are demagoguing it. And in a sign of significant weakness, they send out John Kerry to respond with the usual conclusory allegations that the President is engaging "in the politics of fear and smear."

The White House is on message, but now they need to get on fact. And perhaps it's time that the White House take the suggestion from Tom Bevan andhave Cheney battle it out with Harry Reid in the Senate, making Reid defend his truly inexcusable claims that the Administration lied to get America into Iraq.

So far, we have no evidence of any kind from Reid or anyone else that the President lied. But the Democrats are using the fact that WMDs were not located as an excuse to call the President a liar. Unfortunately, these same Democrats supported the war and inveighed against Saddam for his brutality and for the threat that he posed to world peace when the war seemed popular. And I think they would have stuck with those sentiments if the Iraq war had gone quickly and easily. Instead, they have tried to translate a hard slog into a quagmire, and the "quagmire" into the product of a lying President. It's all for political traction--nothing more.

But as I indicated earlier, it is time for the Administration to have it out with the facts in a very public forum. The Senate debate would be ideal. It would force Harry Reid, for the first time, to offer facts to support his unbelievably serious allegations. And if he can't, or refuses, he will look like the phony he really is.

Bottom line, a war of rhetoric is fine. A display of the facts in trial format is critical to ending this nonsense altogether. Of course, the Sheehans and Mapes of the world will never be convinced by facts that don't agree with their world view, but Americans are just a little smarter than such zealots. And upon the completion of such a trial, the topic will be a closed matter to all but the moonbats.

The Administration needs to ramp this up in such a way. It won't go away and poll numbers won't increase much until they do. And history will judge them if they don't.


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