Friday, November 04, 2005

Anti-War Protesters - An Oxymoron

If you were surprised when the sun came up this morning, you will be equally surprised by the fact that the Anti-War protesters in Argentina became violent today (thanks to RCP). The logical implications here are staggering. Either they expect all troops home by the end of the protest in order for it to end peacefully, or they planned to get violent all along.

Is there any reason that we can't illegalize anti-war protests? By contrast, the people in the United States who support the war tend to be fairly tame in their demostrations. Note the behavior of the counter-protesters at the "Camp Casey" protests in Crawford, TX this summer. They obeyed the law, didn't argue with the authorities, and were there to send their support to the President and our troops.

Is it possible that pro-war rallies can end up being the key to civil behavior?

In all reality, these are leftists who are largely anti-everything, and violence is simply one tool they use to get attention and to ultimately gain political advantage. See the "Cultural Revolution", Stalin's purges, the killing fields, the Holocaust, Cuba...

These people can more accurately be called anti-freedom protesters. Which gives a little more context to their behavior.


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