Friday, October 14, 2005

What The News Isn't Telling You About The Palestinians

I caught a fascinating report from Fox's Jennifer Griffin on Special Report with Britt Hume Tuesday evening, but as Fox does not often post the raw report on their sites, I could only find few blurbs (here and here) that just about tell the story as accurately as Griffin did.

But the gist is this: The Palestinians don't get along with one another, and Hamas is at odds with the ruling authority, to the extent that violence is erupting among the Palestinians themselves. Hamas will not disarm or refrain from public displays of weapons as ordered by Abbas, and it seems that Hamas has no problem attacking and killing Palestinian police. Hamas wants to replace the Palestinian authority with itself. So in a Frankenstinian twist, the monsters the Palestinians created--several groups of terrorists designed to advance the political aims of the PLO under Yasser Arafat and the corrupt toadies who did his dirty work while he washed the blood off of his hands to sign agreements which he did not intend to keep--have turned on their masters and even their own people and are now actually destroying any possibility of Palestinian statehood.

And you won't find that on the front pages of any of the MSM reporting. Because after years of standing up for the Palestinians rights to commit acts of terror on Israel, reporting that they are killing their own just breaks apart the whole image of righteousness that they have spent decades cultivating for this terrorist-led society.


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