Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Senator Mensa's Novel and Coloring Book

It's no fun when they make it this easy. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) just finished writing a novel. A novel concept--that she can even write a novel--but I digress.

This transparent political allegory involves Sen. Ellen Fischer, who became so on the back of her husband who dies before he can take office. She goes on a witch hunt after a Hispanic woman judicial nominee and --who are we kidding here?--defeats the nomination. The conservatives are the bad guys, the lefties are the good guys, and the bad conservative judge goes back to her Martha Stewart kitchen in the end. Sorry for spoiling the suspenseful denouement. And she has the self respect enough to report that she and her co-author (frightening that it took two people to put this thing together) got to split an advance of $15,938 for the book--which is much like splitting a Jujyfruit. It seems her publisher has about as much faith in her book as I do.

But this is typical Sen. Mensa. She is an idiot who, in true Derek Zoolander form, misunderstands the issue before her, gets mad about it, and takes an amusing belligerent public position on it.

But I'll let the Sacramento Bee, as quoted in the Washington Times Piece do the rest of the work for me. "Suffice it to say this effort reads more like a cross between a bad romance novel and a soap opera script. The Congressional Record might be more entertaining. And it's free."


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