Friday, October 21, 2005

Pull Miers and You Pull The Plug On a Conservative Court

Jonathan Last at Galley Slaves, links to a particularly great piece by Marvin Olasky about the really destructive battle between conservatives over the Harriet Miers nomination.

I have opined earlier that Bush is out to give conservatives more than they had hoped for in a conservative Supreme Court nominee. But because the box under the Christmas tree appears small, a number of very bratty conservatives are guessing that the present is equally "small," ignoring the possibility that it's a shopping spree at the toy store: a conservative on the Court and a Senate Democratic Caucus in trouble with their special interests for dropping the ball twice on the most key issue of our day.

But if Bush pulls Miers, that stealth angle is lost, making him look weak, and making it much tougher for him to muster the political capital to fight for a known conservative like Luttig or McConnell. And while he may win, so will the Dems. If they put up a fight, their constituents will be pleased. If they lose in a nuclear option filibuster break, they look the victim, further mobilizing their constituents.

This president is not about disappointing conservatives on the big issues. He's not about to do it here. And conservatives may wish to rethink what is an increasingly obnoxious and shortsighted effort to deprive themselves of a double victory which the President is trying to deliver.


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