Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm Praying She's Luttig in a Dress

Harriett Miers. We know nothing about her. Yes, this raises the Souter concern.

I trust Bush to pick a serious strict constructionist, not just someone who appears to be that way. And he knows the importance of the appointment. I just pray he's not hedging to get her in easy. She looks pretty safe for confirmation, as a number of Democrats may have indicated that they feel she is fit. But that's just the concern.

These Dems want carbon copies of themselves. And it worries me a bit if we have someone that they like. But Ms. Miers is known personally to Bush. And perhaps he knows something they don't.

Which would be a good thing, as we know nothing.


Via Hugh Hewitt comes this very helpful series of posts from World Magazine. Miers is a born-again Christian. Certain to upset the Kennedys and Schumers, but does it translate into a conservative/originalist position?

Very hard to say.


Anonymous JLv said...


I think President Bush's pick is rather weak, and likely unfortunate for the conservative agenda. I would rather fight about constitutional constructionism for a blatant intellectual conservative such as Antonin Scalia, than an unknown that could turn out to be either another Clarence Thomas or God forbid another David Souter. I don't discount her attempt to move the ABA away from a pro-abortion stance, but I also don't discount her financial gifts to the Gore campaign in the late 80's. I feel this pick was made from a perceived position of weakness, rather than the bully pulpit which would be more appropriate given the fact that the majority of American's (Recent Pew Poll) still wish to see a more conservative judiciary.

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