Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Galloway Was On The Take

George Galloway, the leftist British Parlaiment Member who was a vocal critic of the Iraq war appears to have been on the take. Galloway's wife's account had $150,000 in Iraqi oil money deposited in it, with an additional $450,000 being funnelled to one of Galloway's political organizations. All of which proves that his fairly bellicose testimony this Spring before the U.S. Senate denying same was patently false.

The source of the information? None other than Galloway's and Saddam's mutual friend, Tariq Aziz, who really has nothing to lose by talking.

Sen. Norm Coleman will be turning over this information for possible charging of Galloway with perjury. And for his part, the boisterous Member of Parlaiment couldn't be happier to be charged. He invites it.

But if wonder if the Brits will get first dibs on him for treason?


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