Friday, October 21, 2005

Electing the Stupid

Back to Barbara "Senator Mensa" Boxer. From RealClearPolitics comes this David Gelernter article that talks about the dangers of electing the abjectly stupid.

Idiots who bring with them mantras rather than facts have no understanding of the things upon which they pontificate. It becomes dangerous when such people get elected to national office and take on a real policy-making role. Boxer is a complete fool. She tries to make up for her intellectual shortcomings by coming at every issue with a bellicose attitude and a largely irrelevant sound bite.

And while I like to make fun of her, as she does make it easy, her presence in the Senate is a truly frightening one. Lacking the intellect to understand the issues before her and relying upon trite political cliches to keep alive, she has the effect of dumbing down one of the most important processes of society by masquerading as a knowledgable individual.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Boxer is certainly not the exception to the rule. After listening to some of the confirmation hearings, Senators too often appear ah so stupid since they obviously do not know what they don't know. Or is that just an ego problem beyond belief making them seem incredibly stupid.

4:47 PM  

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