Friday, October 07, 2005

Conservatives: Stop Being Brats

Drudge has links to two opposing pieces on Harriet Miers: One from Newt Gingrich and one from Charles Krauthammer. And I find Newt's reasoning more compelling than that of Krauthammer, whom I nonetheless deeply respect.

And I'll say again, Luttig or McConnell would have been superior appointments. But as I've said before here and here, Bush may have more going on that just a Supreme Court appointment. He may be out to alienate the Dems from their constituents as a result of their failure to oppose the nominations of two nominees who will very likely turn out to be doctrinaire conservatives to the Supreme Court.

But if Newt writes a piece like he did, putting his reputation on the line, I think he knows about the same thing Bush does. He believes that Bush is as good as his word, which he always has been. And after the business with Mike Brown at FEMA, he is very sensitive to the "crony" accusation, and aware of how his actions might be perceived. He will not make the same mistake twice.

And conservatives' protestations notwithstanding, Bush has a right to pick whomever he wants for the Court, consistent with the promises he has made over the past five years. And while many have said that this opposition has an elitist tone to it, because Miers's education and lack of federal court experience is often cited, I think it has more of a bratty tone.

We certainly do have a right to the kind of nominee that Bush promised. But we don't have any right to demand that the president pick someone pre-approved by us. She will be examined by the Senate--both sides to be sure--and we will find out probably very little about her. And these comments by Ruth Bader Ginsburg (scroll to the bottom) indicate that we will likely learn little more of her than we do now in those hearings. And while that is emotionally unsatisfying, it is life. Just as Bush need not kowtow to the leftist Democratic Senate Caucus when making his nominations, he need not do it us.

But, much like Newt Gingrich, I stand by my prediction that it's the Dems who have the real surprise coming. Let's not create more trouble than we need to be demanding satisfaction from the president we have trusted for the past 5 years.


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