Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Biggest Under-Reported Story of the Day

Oh yeah, Iraq approved the Constitution. They are going to vote on a representative government before the year is out.

CNN and MSNBC put it beneath Hurricane Wilma and the Death of Rosa Parks. The Washington Post puts it below a story about Bush's damage control (of the damage the media is trying to do to him). ABC puts it beneath a story that the soldier death toll reached 1,999. They are waiting with baited breath to get to 2000, to use the number as some faux milestone to raise again their claim that Iraq just isn't worth the cost it has taken to free it, and perhaps repeat Ted Koppel's showing of the faces of the fallen as part of a Sheehan-esque political stunt--using the blood of the fallen to preach against the mission for which they fought and died. But CBS, to their credit puts it at the top, although immediately following the announcement of the vote results with the note of the death toll. And, of course, the New York Times puts it below a hit piece on Dick Cheney, noting that despite the Sunni opposition, the Constitution did indeed pass. Did anyone hear an "aw shucks?" in there?

This story is gigantic. A formerly dictator-ruled, terror-sponsoring state where the blood of innocent people flowed like the Tigris when they crossed the Maximum Leader has taken the opportunity of his removal to set up a government where the men and women on the street hire and fire their own leaders. They have taken steps to remove themselves from the feudal age of despotic rule into the modern era of enjoyment of God-mandated freedoms and rule of law rather than fiat, and freedom to bicker over politics without fear of state reprisals. 26 million people will be ruling themselves, and a terrorist state is off the map.

This is cause for celebration, regardless of one's political stripe.

But not when the development's status as a victory or failure is determined by who occupies the White House.


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