Friday, September 09, 2005

Yet Another Political 9/11 Memorial?

Michelle Malkin posts on what appears to be a very unfortunate design of the 9/11 memorial for flight 93 which was made especially famous for the likes of Todd Beamer, Jeremy Glick and others of equal significance who gave their lives to foil the terrorists in their effort to hit another target in Washington on that day.

But the design is strangely similar to the Islamic Red Crescent, which carries roughly the same significance as the cross or the star of David as a religious symbol.

And given that the only Moslems we know of on that plane were the hijackers themselves, this design seems singularly inappropriate. And if this was an intentional design, it reminds me just a bit of this. It is tasteless to decorate a victim's grave by the murderer's symbol.

The links Michelle provides are very helpful, especially the questions posed by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs about whether the designer of this was completely clueless or completely callous.

Hopefully this was an unintentional error, but if not, it was an act of pure crude partisanship and the designer should be exposed.

Stay tuned, as this could get interesting.


Here is the actual design explanation from the website for the memorial as submitted by the architect. The part that is concerning is called the "Crescent of Embrace." Michelle has the architect's philosophy posted. In all fairness to the architect, it appears that the statement was written in 1991, bearing no reference to this project. But it probably reads better with a little Greatful Dead playing in the background. Read it yourself.

I honestly cannot say for certain that the designer intended to create a memorial that incorporated an Islamic symbol.

But to include one is like putting a statue of Hitler at the gates to Auschwitz or pictures of Stalin at the door to Russian Synagogues, or a statement of Timothy McVeigh's philosophy at the Oklahoma City bombing site.

To involve politics is to miss the point of this memorial. Just ask the WTC memorial folks whose battle to dispense with the "International Freedom Center" at the site continues. Involving politics makes it about politics of the person designing the memorial, not the people being remembered. And that kind of involvement ususally means blaming America and/or justifying the acts of the terrorists.

Spare us the politics. Remove the crescent. The memorial is about a bunch of common people who will be best remembered by their final and ver uncommon acts. They got themselves killed to save others' lives. Symbols which the enemy used to justify their actions have no place.


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