Friday, September 02, 2005

Who to Blame

Laying blame for the situation in New Orleans is pretty easy. To be very clear, it was a hurricane that caused almost 99.99999% of the damage. Nobody would be dying were it not for that storm.

And it appears that the New Orleans Mayor, the Louisiana Governor, and the President of the United States are all still in shock and trying to do all they can to get this problem fixed. But frankly, this is the kind of thing that defies explanation, its magnitude is still not yet known or knowable, and will probably get even worse before it gets better.

But let's lay some blame, shall we? People who are looting are to blame. People who are shooting at rescue vehicles are to blame. People killing people are to blame. People in the Superdome with guns are to blame. People raping people in the Superdome and outside in the city are to blame. In the absence of the unrivaled brigandage that has besieged city of New Orleans, the tale would be a better one.

Certainly it would have been good if local authorities has planned better. They are the first line of defense. Behind them is the state, and then the Feds. And absent an acceptable response from the local authorities, the Feds will indeed run the show. But nobody can control the outright renegade behavior that rules the flooded streets of the Crescent City and the refuges where the homeless wait for rescue.

The National Guard troops, fresh from service in Iraq, are now under orders to shoot to kill the roving gunmen in the city. And I can't help but wonder just how little difference the soldiers will see between terrorists in Iraq and a bunch of cocky domestic terrorists with their AK-47s when viewing them in the crosshairs of their rifles. It's becoming a bad day to be a bad guy.


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