Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time to Go Berzerk on the Barbarians

I'm tempted to violate a Liberty Files rule about swear words on the site. But I won't. In any case, this is *bovine excrement*.

People with guns in a humanitarian disaster who are not police or military are dangerous because of the fear, confusion and unmet needs that such situations cause. People engage in desperate acts. But there is no excuse for gang activity, rape, and other brigandish activity. And the only reason for shooting at rescue helicopters is to make life worse for people and to be a complete scumbag.

I don't like advocating violence. It's a bad thing. But I can't imagine that the people who just want to get on with life will let this stand. And I think that if someone had their weapon turned on them, or someone was tossed into the water, that the authorities might look the other way.

Because you lose any claim to civil treatment when, with not even a discernable motive, one attacks people who are trying to help them, and thereby prevents many others from receiving relief.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

according to the press, the snipers were protecting their drug stashes.

1:23 PM  

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