Thursday, September 08, 2005

Roberts and Katrina - MoveOn Makes the Connection

Drudge links to a report that MoveOn is preparing to air an ad equating John Roberts with the suffering in New Orleans, in the same tradition as the 2000 NAACP commercial implicating Bush in the dragging death of James Byrd. Apparently the acid trip had not worn off before this commercial was approved by MoveOn.

As a side issue, I wonder what this says about how deeply our political discussion has sunk, such that radical left conspiracy theory and hype can form a quasi valid part of our dialogue.

That aside, and while I find this to be a repugnant display of Barbara Boxerish infantile flower child logic that is better left to conversations over a bong, I'm praying that they run this morning noon and night. Aside of wasting their money, it will show how petty and shameless these people really are, to attempt to gain political traction by using the suffering of people who are victims of a natural disaster. But this is not surprising, as taste, class, restraint and civility are qualities which those on the far left have never displayed in any significant measure.

Just as the opportunistic shots at Bush, blaming him for failures not his own in the handling of the aftermath of the hurricane, were ineffective and seen by the public as a cheap attempt to shift blame and score a free political point or two, this stunt will likewise crash just as it gets out of the gate, as this attack ad is on its face based solely in fantasy.

Thanks again to MoveOn. I never thought I'd see the day when the left would willingly do the conservatives' opposition research for them, and then pay for it to boot.


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